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Hotel Guo Mao

Hong Cheng Raod, 2, Nanchang , Jiangxi (China)

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The rooms are medium sized and are kept in modern style, they are decorated in a pleasant atmosphere. Both the bedroom and the bathroom are in very good condition. There are several restaurants in the hotel serving various kind of international food. The hotel is a modern, high-rise building. It is large sized with smooth marble floor, pillars, green plants etc. FZ 12/05


Hong Cheng Raod, 2, Nanchang , Jiangxi (China). It is located close to the railway station and with appr. ten minutes´ drive from the city center. The hotel enjoys a convenient transport links and with easy access to most of the tourist attractions in the city. 5 kms del centro 40 kms hasta el aeropuerto más cercano (nanchang) 2 km hasta la estación más cercana (nanchang railway station)

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